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 Frequently Asked Questions


   What do I wear?


        What to wear depends on your body, which style of massage, and what goals we have for the session. I am a huge believer in the power of Passive/Active stretching, so if you have work out clothes with you we have the option to stretch at the end of our session. 


             During our session you can get undressed to the level of your comfort. It is my policy that everyone has a sheet covering the parts of the body not currently being worked on, so if you prefer no clothing that is an option. 


             For Thai Fusion Massage please bring workout clothes.




   What Type Of Lotion Do You Use?

        I use BioTone Massage Creme with Arnica and Ivy to promote healing. I use this creme because it is easy to use but still absorbs into the skin well so clients are never left feeling greasy. If you would like to bring your own lotion you may. A reminder that every client gets a hot towel to wipe off with after the session if they choose. 


   What is your cancellation policy?


            I require 12 hours notice on cancellations. All appointments cancelled after that will be charged 50% of booking, and with two hours or less notice it is 100% charge for service booked.


   Do You Require Draping?


          Draping is the use of sheets covering the “private” areas during a massage. I do require draping without exception. 


   What Forms Of Payment Do You Accept?


                      I accept Cash, Visa, Mastercard, and Discover


   How do I Buy Gift Cards?


              Go to Book Now and look for the gift certificate link. You can send it to anyone! 


   What Should I Expect?


              To Feel Better. My massages are very tailored to you and your body needs, so communication is important. I can adjust pressure based on your preference- however I do specialize in DEEP TISSUE, meaning that I can really put skilled pressure on kinks in your muscles if needed. Always Communicate. 


   How Can I Get The Most Out Of My Massage?


              Drink Plenty of water before your massage and after. If possible, avoid alcohol before and after your session. For cases of performance enhancement or injury recover, I do give homework. To get the most out of your sessions do your homework! It will make both of us look good!


   Do You Accept Male And Female Clients?




   Do You Do Outbound (In-Home) Sessions?


        Yes, but there is an additional fee for travel and a two hour minimum. Please text me at 972-514-2825 for this service. 


              My Office is located in University Park (In the heart of Dallas), making it very centrally located for most areas to get to. Because of that Uber is easy to get which is another option. 



Why Do You Charge What You Charge?


                     I am BIG into value. I believe to deliver the best results to you, I need to give you ten times the value on your money. After all, no matter what your goals are, this IS an investment. With that philosophy in mind, it is my job to give you maximum impact on every service you get. It is this philosophy that drives me to have the most education, the most experience, and always focus on ROI for the client. Because of this commitment to excellence, you end up spending less in the long run than you would at a chain massage place or even other independent therapists. You get your results faster, you have to come less for those results, and you get the personalized attention you can expect with seeing the same therapist.

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